About Us

net24|7 is a Fintech service provider seeking to promote changes in the financial market, facilitating innovation, compliance, and better services that offer to change the way clients manage their finances.

We have assembled a team that has over 25 years of experience in the payment industry market, with extensive background in strategy, technology, marketing, and finance. In addition to this, net24|7 has the support of companies and partners experts in technology and payment methods with specific resources in all areas involved in transactional processes.

Our Fintech-Payment Facilitator concept is based on the secure management of Transactional Services in the Cloud, a business line that has penetrated the banking reality.

We understand that the Cloud's transition entails the need to meet a demanding sector's operational requirements, such as the financial sector; however, the advantages that the Cloud can offer in the transactional services are undoubted: Unlimited scalability, Security Standards, Latest technology, Backup

Our infrastructure has been designed from the ground up, highly scalable, and based on redundancy, security, and speed.

What we offer

We offer innovative payment products based in a multi-currency platform designed to grow, which allows the creation of transactional services for people and companies of any size and volume of sales, covering services such as:


Receipt and transmission of payments


Integrated and cross-platforms transactional services


Periodic mass billing


Acceptance of payments everywhere


Ecommerce platforms integration

Its primary objective is to enable and streamline payment processes in any currency through efficient mechanisms, with high availability, and with the latest generation devices, provided with value-added applications for today's industry and the future.


Security & Compliance

The transactional processing of net24|7 is certified in the United States according to the industry's most rigorous standards, obtaining credentials by regulatory entities that guarantee the payment platform's security throughout the value chain. FINCEN

net24|7, understand the value of data security. That is why many hours were invested in infrastructure security processes in close collaboration with the world's best security experts. Include certificates, licenses, etc. here.

With this background, we guarantee the infrastructure's security to receive, decrypt, and transmit data in strict compliance with the applicable regulations.