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    Cloud and globalization have changed the markets and finances, that’s why modern times require more versatile and less expensive technology services
  • Cloud-based Financial Services Payment Facilitator
    Cloud infrastructure that integrates modern technologies through ongoing innovating multi-channel payment platforms.
About Us
We are a fintech that promotes changes in the financial market, facilitating new and better services that offer changes as our clients manage and use their finances. All this within the framework of a reality promoted by digital transformation and always under the vision of:
Money without Borders
What inspires us

Our passion is to empower payments to speed up the digital transformation of your business by providing more secure and large-scale solutions.

Cloud Financial Services
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24|7 Solutions
Payment Platforms
Alternatives Payments
POS Devices

net24|7's cloud-based service that stands on the secure management of Financial Services, using technology, omni-channel, and digital transformation, consistently focus on user experience.

Transactional Services, Cloud Bills, International Money Transfers, Transaction Arbitrations, Currency Exchange, Loyalty Program, Business Intelligence Tools, AI and more.
Why should you Choose Us??
Because our skills
Payment Platforms
Digital On-Boarding
Secure membership process
POS managing
Card presence and not presence transax
Transaction inbound, outbound, routing and resolution
Monitoring through AI
Clearing to merchant
Merchant Payment
Money Transmitter
Money Services business registered with FinCEN
Dispute resolution
Claims Management
Chargebacks and Controversies
Support 24/7
Business intelligence
Detailed reports on transactions, closings, settlements and fees
Machine learning Apps
Why we do it
Certified Solutions with the most rigorous industry standards
Cloud technology with almost unlimited scalability
More than 75k merchants using our services
80 million monthly transactions
We serve more than 2 million end users every day
Through our Platform we route operations for more than $5 million each day
We collect, manage and analyze 2Gb of financial data daily
26 Banks in the region use our certified PA-DSS technology with FirstData
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One of the world's largest financial platforms